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We specialize in manufacturing bearings to provide the world with reliable power assurance.

high precision

Our stringent quality control system ensures that every bearing meets exceptional precision standards in terms of dimensions and performance.

long life

With the use of high-quality materials and expert manufacturing techniques, our bearings exhibit outstanding durability.

no maintenance

Our bearing designs take into account the requirements for long-term operation, reducing the frequency of lubrication and maintenance.

Slewing bearings

Large Size Rolling Bearing

Matching you with the most suitable bearings

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Rolling mill bearings produced by LYC can have the advantages of withstanding high heat, heavy loads and impact loads. We can solve the problems of rapid acceleration, variable speed, continuous cooling water and drive output, and reduce bearing and grease consumption during bearing use.

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rolling mill roller

Cylindrical roller bearings for rolling mills are ordinary precision (P0/P6) bearings used in large quantities, and are also a general-purpose product that balances cost control and quality requirements. The large-scale use determines that this type of bearing should not use more complicated processing methods as much as possible, and the ordinary precision determines that this type of bearing should be easy to detect and facilitate mass production.

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Portal Crane

Gantry cranes, as common space-spacing material handling equipment, are generally used in ports. The slewing bearing has the characteristics of high load capacity and low speed. The outer diameter of the three-row cylindrical roller slewing bearing 131.60.5000.04 we designed and produced reaches 5320mm.

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Ladle turret

The ladle turret is one of the important components of the continuous casting plant. So far the world’s largest single-arm 520-ton ladle turret is made in China. It ensures safe and reliable handling of heavy loads carrying molten steel to continuous casters. We have rich experience in producing 150 ton and 250 ton ladle turntable slewing bearings, such as 5397/4680, and 6397/3340 and so on.

Customize more suitable bearings for your industry

We have a dedicated engineering team that can design and customize bearings for our customers based on their specific needs and application scenarios. Whether it is high speed operation, high temperature, high pressure or special material requirements, we are able to provide innovative design solutions.

Bearing Innovation, Quality Leadership, Your Reliable Partner

Bearing Innovation, Quality Leadership, Your Reliable Partner